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Wood Quilt Kitchen Island Top

This was a kitchen island project for use in a small kitchen area. Dimensions: 3-1/4" thick x 33"x 33"x 38"H. The top was composed of 441 pieces of various domestic hardwoods arranged in a random pattern. The legs were assembled from four sections of ash lumber and turned to pattern. Clear satin waterborne finish.


Kitchen Island Table


Loose Pattern

Pattern Composed of Loose Pieces

Collated Rows

Collated Rows Glued to Length










Rows Glued

Rows Glued Edge-to-Edge
to Make a 1/3 top section



Single Top

Three Sections Glued into Single Top









Top Blank

Glued Up Top Blank



Leg Blanks

Leg Blanks











Leg Taper

Bowed Leg Taper Turned to Template
Insert Plate

Threaded Insert Plate Connects
Leg with Full Length
Threaded Rod Connection











Island in Shop

Unfinished Island in Shop




















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