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Art Mirrors

I.A. Keer Art of Furniture

Designer: Ira Keer - Art of Furniture

Fabrication of mirror components crafted by Don Burger under the precise direction of Ira Keer. These and other artful furniture designs are available for purchase direct through the designer. Visit:

Puzzler, Cleo & In Stijl Mirrors: Design Copyright I.A. Keer








Puzzler Mirrors


Art Mirrors A, B, C & D - Clockwise from Upper Left

Assorted stained and dyed wood solids, veneers, multi-ply, MDF, glass mirrors

Photo by Peter Lee, Minneapolis, MN


Cleo Mirror


Portrait Mirror

Maple, purpleheart, wildwood stripe,
maple pommele, birch-ply,
glass, bone, fabric tassel, rubber
37.5H 17.5W 2D inches

"A playful use of wood tempered with
serious craftsmanship create the Cleo mirror."

Winner of 2001 Design Portfolio Award from CWB
(Custom Woodworking Business Magazine)


In Stijl Mirror

In Stijl

Dressing Mirror

Maple pommele, sapele pommele,
wildwood stripe, ash, purpleheart,
ebonized walnut, maple, birch-ply, dye,
glass, brass, rubber, gilded paint
58H 20.75W 2D inches
Customized for Target Corporation


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